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Club Statistical Records

Eastlake Cricket Club Statistical Records - 1989/90 to 2021/22

Eastlake Cricket Club Complete Player Summary - 1989/90 to 2021/22


This is a statistical record for matches played by Eastlake Cricket Club/South Canberra Cricket Club from to amalgamation of Easts and Woden Valley in 1989 until now.  This is a living document – it will continue to evolve and grow as more matches are played and as old scorecards are (hopefully) found. It is also worth noting that the stats are only as thorough as what was recorded at the time or what has been available – for example, most run outs prior to electronic submission of scores were not recorded in scorebooks, or if a catch was taking a ‘keeper or outfielder, or even who the ‘keeper was. Or, if a player’s season stats were taken from an annual report or from The Canberra Times in lieu of a missing scorebook it probably won’t include some details like boundaries, maidens, or partnerships.


These statistics may vary from other ACTCA statistics as will include any official and proper competition match played by Eastlake Cricket Club Grade and Women’s sides, for example SCG/Country Cup and T20, which other statistics may not include. At this time the statistical records do not include 6th Grade (a work in progress for the future).


Statistics are as correct and current as possible at the time of release.  

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